Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Is Over?!?!

Anyone else shocked by this?!?

I swear that yesterday it was Thanksgiving and somehow time warped and now it's 2 days past Christmas!

The boys declared this to be the best Christmas yet. Pretty spectacular words for a mom to hear. Especially a mom that had knee surgery 2 weeks prior. A mom who still cannot drive. A mom who gave her husband a 2 page list of things to purchase on Christmas Eve! Joe gets the win for best husband/father ever!!

Traditions are important for both Joe & I. Last year we took the boys on the our first annual NYC Christmas trip. We decided this trip would occur on the first Friday of each December. Ehh.....except for year #2. Tough to walk around NYC with a fully torn ACL & MCL.

Then on December 9th I had surgery. It made it beyond difficult to finish any shopping or to do any of the fun extra things that I wanted to do. The boys didn't notice the lack of holiday spirit. And next year we'll be right back into the full swing of things! It's amazing how difficult we mom's are on ourselves!!!!

Having this injury taught me that the best Christmas isn't one that is determined by the number of presents under the tree. It isn't determined by all the extra Christmas related activities that you do. But it is determined by the number of times you tell your kids you love them, by the number of hugs you give, by the number of times you watch Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer while cuddling on the couch.

And this is what I will remember most about this Christmas!

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