Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camp Mornings

I have a wonderful husband. One of the few really good guys. He's hard working, handsome, smart, funny, kind, but he's also a man. Therefore he's a little bit slow. He can't help that though, he's a man.

This morning Joe told me to stay in bed while he got Aidan ready for camp. This made me a tad bit nervous. Joe does a lot of things really well, but one of them is not getting the kids ready and out the door.

With my eyes closed, I explained to Joe what the run down of the morning is.

"Aidan needs his bathing suit and towel packed. The towel's are in the dryer. For his lunch I make a sandwich, give him a bag of chips, and some fruit. Oh and don't forget to put sunscreen on him."

I knew this was too many steps. I knew it was a matter of time before the questions started.

Joe left the room closing the door softly behind him. I took a deep breath and cuddled up to the blankets around me. I began envisioning myself on a secluded beach......


"Sorry to bother you honey but Aidan has 2 lunch bags, which one do you use? And do you pack any fruit for him?"

Deep breath in, "I use the Star Wars bag, but Aidan can tell you which one he wants. And yes- I let him chose which fruit he wants."

The door (and my eyes) close. I'm back on the beach listening to the..........

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK .....door opens....

"Mommy- Daddy doesn't know how to make my lunch. And who is going to make me breakfast?"

I assure Aidan that Daddy has things under control. Although I find myself doubting these very words. I hear Joe yell that Aidan's waffle is ready and the door once again closes. Forget about envisioning the beach though. I can hear that Connor is awake and calling for me.

The door quietly opens and I hear a little voice whisper, "Mommy, are you awake?" I roll over and see Connor standing next to the bed.

"YUP!! MOMMY'S AWAKE. DADDY, IT'S OK. SHE'S AWAKE." And onto the bed Connor hops. "Mommy, why are you still sleeping? Aidan has to go to camp."

I'm doing my best not to get upset. I remind myself that nothing is better then morning cuddles from my 'Boo.' But really?!?! On the morning that I am told to sleep in.

Just as Connor leaves the bedroom, Aidan enters it. "Mommy- look what I did with my waffle!! I ate around the sides so that it formed into a letter 'A'."

"Wow Aidan that is incredible. That is just awesome."

I hear lots of giggles accompanied by "ok- go back to sleep mommy."

HA HA! Yeah right!! But I give it one more try and just as I start to doze off........"DANIELLE- I KNOW YOU SAID I HAVE TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON AIDAN BUT WHERE DID YOU PUT IT????"

I love my mornings to sleep in!!

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