Monday, July 11, 2011

One Of Those Days......

Despite this blog being titled "Stay At Home Mom" I am anything but... Not only do I watch a 2 year old, but I also work several nights a week at a residential program. Working with kids between the ages of 6-18 provides me with a much needed break from my two sweet boys. Nothing gives you a better dose of reality then working with kids who steal, fight, use drugs, cut, force themselves to throw up, spit on you, kick you, swear at you, pee on you ......... should I stop yet??

I've been working a lot lately. A lot for someone who claims to stay at home! Tonight will be my 6th shift in a row. Needless to say I miss my husband!! He comes home from work just in time for me to leave.

Last night I worked until midnight. I came home from work unable to fall asleep until somewhere around 2am. I woke up at 7am to get Aidan off to camp. At 8am I discovered that my Mr. Coffee coffee maker no longer makes coffee. Then I spent the rest of the day running errands with Connor. One of those errands just happened to be bathing suit shopping. *Insert evil music here*

Nothing is more depressing then trying on bathing suits. Sometimes you can find pants or a shirt that looks really cute on you and hides flaws. I'm convinced you will never find that in a bathing suit. Or at least I realized this when I tried on a blue one piece and Connor looked at me (with a large smile) and said "Mommy- you look just like a blueberry."

I've never taken off an object of clothing so fast before!!!

After purchasing a pink polka dot bathing suit, which I almost immediately returned when I witnessed a 70 year old lady without any teeth buying the same one, I set off to the grocery store.

Grocery shopping with a 3 year old is an adventure in itself. "MOMMY- I want grapes." "MOMMY- I want CANDY." "MOMMY- I DON'T WANT TO SIT IN THE CARRIAGE!" "MOMMY- I WANT!! I WANT!! I WANT!!!"

For this very reason I grocery shop at stores that have a beer & wine section!!

Today was a good grocery shopping trip. We only had one meltdown when Connor reminded me (at the end of our shopping trip) of something I had said previously.

"Mommy- you said that we could get the race car carriage next time we went shopping AND THIS IS NEXT TIME."

.......So I bought him a candy bar instead.

I drove my husband's car today, which I'm not used to driving. I noticed that I had left the car windows down and the doors unlocked. That's not like me, but it was a long day with no coffee. I started putting bags into the trunk while watching Connor devour the candy bar! After everything was loaded, I went to put Connor in his car seat. But the car seat was missing. At this point I'm so mad!! Who on earth would steal a car seat?!?! How am I supposed to get Connor home?!? How in the world are we going to afford a new car seat?!?! Can I return all the unneeded groceries I just purchased for a car seat instead?!

I glance ahead of me where I happen to notice a purple & white tassel hanging from the mirror with golden numbers that say "2011."

Joe didn't go to PHS and he certainly didn't graduate in 2011.

As quick as I possibly can, I unload all the groceries from the stranger's trunk. The whole time I'm loudly praying, "Please don't come out of the grocery store." "Oh God please don't let this person come out from the grocery store."

Forget heading to Walmart for a new coffee pot. I'm heading directly home to crack into the bottle of wine!!

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